Bought my first BOSCH Girl dress at the Linden Market. Tried it on there and kept it on! Such an amazing fit and the fabric is silky soft. I still get compliments every time I wear it. Definitely not my last purchase!


Robyn Swart

The originality of BOSCH Girl’s limited edition pieces is priceless! I love knowing that I’m owning a unique garment, plus it doesn’t hurt that all my friends are envious and flourish me with compliments each time I wear a Bosch Girl outfit. I love supporting local designers like Melanie, she has an absolute passion for what she does. 

Laurike Wilkens

When I first met Melanie I knew this girl had a love for fashion. She introduced me to the flamingo dress and I could not wait to style it. BOSCH girl is a brand that strives for quality garments. Thank you for the great service.

Helen-Anne Roux